How to Use this Guide with A Congregational Team

Become familiar with the BMR’s Innovations Guide by exploring and discussing it with members of your community.  The Innovations Guide User Protocol is a discussion guide that will help you to:

  • Become familiar with the six categories of Purposes that usually inform b’nai mitzvah innovation
  • Learn about your own congregation’s b’nai mitzvah program and discuss the overarching Purpose(s) that you would like to reinforce or introduce.
  • Identify a b’nai mitzvah related experiment that your team could test out, either:
    • An innovation that your team would like to adapt, or
    • An issue you would like to consider when planning for experimentation

The discussion guide includes directions for facilitating two meetings with a team of b’nai mitzvah stakeholders. Sustainable change requires teamwork between congregants and professionals. We hope this resource will assist you in beginning that work together.

Download the BMR Innovations Guide User Protocol