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Kvelling and Storytelling

Parents gather together every few months over brunch during Sunday school to kvell over their children and their own successes as parents as well as grapple with issues affecting parents of teenagers. A subject is chosen before the meeting; topics have included antisemitism and other biases, independence vs. protection, and l’dor v’dor—how to create connections with Jewish tradition that are authentic to each family. Parents share stories that illustrate their own challenges around topics they are often reluctant to raise in a group setting.

Lessons Learned

The Kvelling and Storytelling gatherings help the group to grow as individuals and as a circle of parents, experiencing the congregation as a true community finding meaningful connections and supporting the sacred work of parenting.

Program Info

Learners: Parents

Year Implemented: 2015


  • Becoming an Adolescent
  • Family Engagement

About Us

Sherith Israel

San Francisco, CA

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