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Creative D'var Torah

In order to allow b’nai mitzvah students to individualize their services, each student has the option of doing a “creative” d’var Torah. In choosing this option, students are expected to delve more deeply into text study than other b’nai mitzvah students. Students and parents meet together with the rabbi and educator for two learning sessions that address studying text and how to locate one’s self in the story. Through the process of studying the text, the student develops a project designed to teach the text. Examples of creative d’vrei Torah to date include a piece of fan fiction, a play written by the student and performed by fellow students, and a game show played with the congregation.


Program Info

Grade levels: 7

Learners: Children (pre-B’nai Mitzvah), Parents

Families have the option of enrolling in this program in addition to the regular educational offerings

Year Implemented: 2012


  • Participating in Community
  • Mentoring

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