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Family Legacy Project

In helping to prepare young people to become b’nai mitzvah, Temple Israel of Hollywood initiated a family legacy project to help students and their parents record as much of their family’s history as possible. Students are asked to search for historic family documents, photographs, family trees, recorded memories, memoirs, and ritual items, and they select an elderly family member to interview. Students are given a list of questions to draw upon, or they can ask their own questions. Each student then creates a presentation to share with peers and families during a Family Legacy Faire.

Lessons Learned

In learning about these family members, children gain a sense of family identity and a greater sense of their family history. Older members of the families also find great satisfaction in relating their stories to future generations.

Program Info

Grade levels: 5

Learners: Children (pre-B’nai Mitzvah), Extended Family Members

Everyone in the target audience is required to participate in the program.

Year Implemented: 2015


  • Family Engagement

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