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Personalizing the B'nai Mitzvah Experience

Fifth- and six-grade students have the option of engaging in an additional project to personalize their b’nai mitzvah experiences. Each participating student works with his or her family and a synagogue staff member to identify a particular passion that can help explore what it means to him or her, personally, to be Jewish. Students create their own project for this exploration and partner with a mentor in the congregation to guide their work. For example, if a student is particularly interested in gender and LGBTQ issues, he or she might keep a blog to explore how Judaism addresses these topics, while working with a mentor who is interested in political activism.

Program Info

Grade levels: 5, 6

Learners: Children (pre-B’nai Mitzvah), Parents, Community Members

Families have the option of enrolling in this program in addition to the regular educational offerings.

Year Implemented: 2013


  • Participating in Community
  • Mentoring
  • Repairing the World

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